Sanding and Refinishing


This process is done the same way hard wood floors are refinished. We first clean and prep the deck. We then set all the nails approx.1/8 inch below the surface. The entire perimeter of the deck is sanded with a special spinner edge sander. Then the floor is cut with a large Drum Floor Sander. Depending what’s on the existing floor, it can be 1to3 cuts and anywhere from a 1/16 to a 1/8-inch layer of wood removed. This leaves a brand new freshly sanded surface. Sanded wood literally looks like a brand new deck. Generally the only time a deck is sanded, is when you have an existing coating that is peeling and flaking. When this occurs the surface is sanded then sealed with a natural seal giving the deck a combination stain seal two tone looks. If the verticals need to be re-stained then we re-stain them also.

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