woodtips ChartWhat can happen to wood exposed to the elements?
All unprotected wood exposed to exterior weathering including Pressure Treated is susceptible to erosion and biological attack. The U.S. Forest Service research has determined that wood deterioration starts immediately upon exposure to the elements. This natural weathering process results in wood changing it’s appearance from that of new wood to various shades of gray and eventually to black. New wood’s natural coloration is broken down by sunlight and bleaches out to gray. Additionally, water damage contributes to warping, cracking, splitting, and rot. Mildew infestation increases, the wood appears even darker. Left unprotected, the wood becomes continually more “spongy”, increasing water absorption and substantially damaging the wood.


How do I protect wood against these forces?

Different products protect different ways. Each layer of protection is important to the preservation of the wood. (see chart below)


Of course the weather is always a deciding factor of what products to use and more importantly, when to apply them. At Woodbrite, we know how to combat the elements of mother nature. Our treatments our designed to meet the needs of your specific type of wood and area of exposure.